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These are some of our flagship features.

Brand Reputation.

Get a feel for how your brand is presented on the internet.

We crawl and classify posts that match your brand from multiple social media sites in real-time; Allowing you to see what and where people are talking about you.

Similar Domains.

Find domains that look like yours.

Similar domains, or 'domain squatting' is a common factor in any organisation wide phishing attack or campaign to mimic your brand. Stay one step ahead of the game with our real-time phishing/defamatory domain detection.

Internet Footprint.

Find your internet facing assets.

Match what you think you know about your external infrastructure to what's being presented online.

Machine Learning.

Detect smear campaings, things that just shouldn't be.

Harness the power of our machine learning to detect reputational changes in your online presence. Be alerted in real-time to anomalous activity concerning your brand and internet footprint.

Data Loss.

Find your data, where it shouldn't be.

We crawl, download and classify data from a range of online sites. Some of these include version control sites, public storage buckets, paste sites as well as private and public forums. Be alerted when data containing your brand name, keywords or naming conventions is uncovered.

Email Exposure.

Find your email addresses.

Increasingly your email addresses are used in spam campaigns, and are sold online in large lists. Gain visibility into your organisations email addresses that are exposed to the internet.

People Discovery.

Find your people.

Increasingly, the personal information of your executives is used against your organisation in both phishing and ransom campaigns. Discover what information exists for a threat to find. With our facial recognition add-on, be alerted when any image containing your facial data is posted online.

Malicious Event Monitoring.

Be alerted on malicious activity.

Be alerted in near real time when posts and events match your brand and contain malicious/graphic images or content.

Defamation Monitoring.

Be alerted when you're defamed.

Detect which users are the most defamatory to your brand, get on top of how you're perceived.

Don't lose what's important to you.

It's hard knowing where your data is at times. Stric helps you find it, whether it was intentionally or accidentally exposed.

Map your data exposure.

Identify leaked documents and files.

Find files and documents using your data.


Choose the right plan for your organisation. All prices are in AUD.


Monitor 2 keywords and 1 domain.

  • Social Media Monitoring.
  • Similar Domain Detection.
  • Internet Footprint Mapping.
  • People Discovery.
  • Infrastructure Discovery.
  • Email Discovery.


$70 billed monthly.


Monitor 5 keywords and 2 domains.

  • Everything from Core.
  • Realtime Phishing Detection.
  • Smear Campaign Detection.
  • Defamatory User Detection.
  • Machine Learning Analysis.


$100 billed monthly.


Monitor unlimited keywords and unlimited domains.

  • Everything from Platinum.
  • Enhanced Machine Learning.
  • Priority Support.
  • Dedicated Dashboard.
  • API Access.

Contact us to tailor a plan.

What do you look like?

Know your unknowns. With our organisational mapping tool, find out what you are exposing to the internet. Match what you think you know about your infrastructure to what's being presented to current and emerging threats facing your company.

Map your attack surface area.

Identify potential emerging threats.

Gain valuable intelligence on your organisation.

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